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Breach of Contract

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Rekha Jijo
Rekha Jijo


Where can I lodge complaint against the builder who build the house 174sqm lesser than the contract size and demand Rs 4 lakhs more than the contracted amount . He also denied access even to see the house by our parents, locked the house. Construction not complete 7 months after the contract period.

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You can approach the consumer forum. You have to file a complaint in the consumer forum seeking redressal of the trouble and cheating done by the builder. You may contact me on 9900929611for further quiery

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Hi Friend

As it appears from You problem that it was contract of construction by builder, You can approach the Consumer Forum against the builder as it amounts breach of service obligation on the part of builder.

Consumer forum is cheap and comparatively quick remedy. You can compel the builder to strictly comply the terms and conditions of contract and can also seek inspection of premises. You have to immediately approach the Consumer Forum of Your Area through good local advocate. Delay will affect your rights.

You have to take legal resorts against such builders immediately, You can also file criminal complaint of cheating and fraud against the builder.

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Yeah you can approach consumer forum as well you can file criminal cases against the builder, I would reply better if you E-mail me your contract papers/or agreement papers with the builder.

My name Mr.Khaja Ziauddin Advocate E-mail id

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yes it is obvious to move to the consumer court for this problem. But it would be better to move this matter in the Civil Court as it is a breach of Contract from the side of the builder. It is advised to you to move as early as possible because there is a limitation period for these kind of matters. You have to move through an advocate. If required you can contact me at 7278913668

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