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Boyfriend cheating case

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Anusha Sankarapu
Anusha Sankarapu

Sir, I'm Anusha. I have been in relationship with a guy for 3 and half year he cheated me he used me for money I gave him lots of money he spent all that money for some other girl they enjoyed well.....He even spoiled my career later i came to know that he cheated me for 2 and half years with the help of his friends I have all the proof of his cheating activities ........ Now he is flying to US on january 5th 2018 ..... Can you suggest me how can stop him and file a case? He made false promises saying he will marry me but he didn't ...

If I file a case, will that stop him going US? If not how could I stop him legally?

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Dear Sister,

1. Immediately file a complaint with higher police and see that his Passport is seized.

2. It is not your personal grievance, it the grievance of every Indian girl.

3. If police do not help then file private complaint and get passport be seized, issue legal notices Airlines Authorities and request them not to allow him to fled away.

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I agree withe Shri Kishan Dutt Sir.

Immediate Police complaints are the only solutions. You can get justice in case you has sufficient evidence and proof in support of your allegations. For stopping any person from going abroad concrete proofs are required.

Let approach the proper authorities with all your contentions, proof and documents.

But, immediate actions can only stop him from going abroad. If he went abroad then the things will become more difficult for you

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Firstly jot down all the proofs that you have on hand, list them properly , and then we accordiingly, we have to initiate immediate action against your boy friend.

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if you have not filed a case against him and he has moved to US you can still file a case in the criminal court for this. this is not only a case of your but a case of every girl of the society. kindly file a case against him for the sake of this society. if you contact me for this I shall try my level best to get you the best possible remedy and I shall charge the minimum amount for the sake of the society.

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