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Dishonour of cheque

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I gave Rs50000/- through cheque to my cousin in March 2015 & he deposit in his account. I have also a proof in written on stamp paper of 100Rs which used within same month but it’s not notarized. Recently my cousin gave me a cheque of Rs50000/-, i deposit it in my account 10 days ago but cheque is bounce due to mismatch sign. Now what can i do? What Legal actions can i take against the him?

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You can file recovery suit or under section 138 NIA act against this person

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First of all sent them legal notice as soon as possible in regards of the cheque through lawyer.

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Serve Notice & File Complaint u/s 138 N. I. Act

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You better issued u/s 138 of niact with in a month from the date of dishonor of cheque and file complaint against him who issued cheque in ur favour after serving the legal notice with in 45 days.

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you have three remedies

1) Criminal Case u/s. 138 IN Act (Limitation notice within 1 month, 15 days waiting period for payments after receipt of notice, file complaint within 30 days of 16th day of receipt of notice)

2) Criminal CAse u/s. 420 of IPC (no limitation but advisable to file within 1 year)

3) Civil Suit for recovery (within 3 years)

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Yes...u can take legal action...after dishonor of cheque the date of dishonor of cheque with in one month you can gave legal notice under section 138 of NIA ACT with section 420 of IPC n after notice you can file a complaint u/s 138 NIA ACT with in 45 days...

Second thing u can go for recovery suit under code of civil procedure...

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Please consult me personally for your case and I can help you with the same. The fee of consultation/drafting etc shall be dealt later on. I shall need all inputs from you and thereafter we can proceed. Consult me if you need any legal assistance and I can help you with the same. Thanks Adv. Munish Goyal

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first you give legal notice then proceed legally

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