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Self cheque got bounced

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My previous company had issued me a self cheque and it got bounced.

Now they are refusing to pay me. What Legal actions can i take against the company?

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sent them legal notice through lawyer and file case.

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Dear Mr.Amit

Please note that you do not have any claim over self cheque because you are not the payee; it is not issued to you. Issue legal notice claiming your amount. if they refuse to pay, file a petition before Jurisdictional labor commissioner with all documents including self cheque given to you.

All the best.


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Yes firstly u can gave simple legal notice n dan u can file complaint in labour court n criminal court under nia n not paying salary with all the proof...u can contact me through email

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Please consult me personally for your case and I can help you with the same. The fee of consultation/drafting etc shall be dealt later on. I shall need all inputs from you and thereafter we can proceed. Consult me if you need any legal assistance and I can help you with the same. Thanks Adv. Munish Goyal

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