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employ taking party membership

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lakshmi p
lakshmi p

i am a govt employ working in a zp school in andhra of my family members give a missed call to ysr kutumbam launched by ys jaganmohan reddy from a mobile number registered with my name by mistake.shall it mean that i am a member of that party. shall i get any problem in near future.if so, what shoud i do. does a missed call enrollment got legality.please suggest me what shoud i do. thaanking you in advance

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Is there any problem if ur school authorities reccur ur enrolment to any political party?

Kindly contact with details


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Hello Madam,

Giving a missed call doesnt mean that you gave your consent to become a Member of YSR Kutumbam. You dont worry and leave the matter. More so delete it from your mind. Good Luck Madam. Be a good teacher of your school children. Have a good day.

Geeta T.,


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