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Flat Booked and cancelled -need to refund

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Mubin Mullah
Mubin Mullah

had booked the flat in LODHA and paid the amount of 3 lakhs total which is 6% of consideration value of flat. Just before the registration i learned that i will not be able to continue the payment further and decided to cancel the flat and after discussion with relationship manager oif LODHA group for cancellation and refund of amount ,i was informed that my whole booking amount will be forfeited as it is mentioned in terms and conditions that the amount will be refunded only after deduction of 10% consideration value.

when i signed the application form there was no terms and conditions paper given to me and i addition after retrieving it from LODHA they fowarded only the signed paper of application form and other paper with terms and which i have even not initialed on any such terms and conditions paper.

I would like to request you to suggest me what i have to do next as it is my hard earned money of 3 months.

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U can file a suit for refund of the amount paid to lodha. u have to bring the facts before the Court that lodha is playing fraud on you. u can advertise the flat which u were about to purchase is for sale in websites .if u find one u can ask lodha to transfer your booking to the other person. think all possible official /legal ways of getting ur money back. Diplomatic handling of the issues will result in positive result. All the best.

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