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I bought a flat and as per the Sale agreement we have signed with builder ,there was an exit clause which mentioned that if we exit after 18 months from the date of agreement builder would close the loan and pay some appreciation along with paying the PRE EMI till the possession or Exit in case we choose to do so . Builder has reneged on its promise and also stopped paying the Pre Emi , in response we had filed the Rera complaint against Builder asking for Exit clause execution and payment of Pre Emi's to bank . Rera judgment mentioned that builder should pay the Pre Emi however did not pass any order on the Exit portion of our request .

Today the scenario is builder does not abide by the Rera court order i.e. not paying the Pre Emi or reply to our mail or call . I am not in a position to pay Emi's which in result is impacting my cibil and also legal notices from Bank . We have share the Rera judgment etc with the bank but to no avail .

Please let me know what is the best course of action in this matter to handle Builder and bank . Thanks a lot in advance .

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