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Succession certificate

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My elder sister's husband passed away six months ago.she has a 21 years old son and 15 years old daughter.they live in Chennai. her husband had a property in kollam(Kerala) which she wants to sell off.they have got legal heir paper but we r told that succession certificate is also needed to sell this property.I just want to know what are the proceedings,how much it cost and time taken to grant the certificate.

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For selling immovable property of dead person required only legal heir certificate. In your case a minor child is there, so the mother of the minor child have to obtain permission from concerned civil court by filing OP under Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 for sale of minor Child share in the property and Court will direct the mother to deposit the minor child share amount to the credit of. Said OP. That after attaining majority the chaild will withdraw the amount from court

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