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Authority for Rajakaluve Encroachment in Bangalore

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I've been looking to buy plots in Sarjpur Road near the wipro corporate office. Couple of layouts that I liked were Rainbow Drive, Rainbow Residency and Sunny Brooks. I looked at a couple of plots in Rainbow Drive and saw that there is a tertiary rajakaluve passing through the plots as per the village revenue maps available in and But there is no rajakaluve or nala passing through the plots as per the bengaluru master plan 2015 or dishaank app.

The problem is that the village maps sometimes are pdf files and it is quite difficult to exactly tell whether the nala in the pdf is passing through the plot since the revenue maps generally don't have roads or any other landmarks except lakes. The broker claims that the residents association and builder(Austin Roach from Ferns) are very strong and they wouldn't allow any demolition to happen and it is just a matter of maintaining a diplomatic relationship with the tahsildar and other officials(if you know what I mean). He also said that the houses that got demolished by the bbmp in 2016 in shubh enclave was because the residents were arrogant and wouldn't adjust with the revenue officials. I wouldn't go by the broker's words since during our conversation, he conflicted his statements multiple times.

Couple of articles on the shubh enclave demolition:

What I could understand from these articles is that the demolition was undertaken based on the revenue maps and having a A Khatha doesn't seem to hold any credibility. Is there any authority that can officially tell us whether a plot is on a rajakaluve, nala or the buffer zone prescribed by NGT similar to getting Encumberance Certificate online? I'm asking this since I've spoken to Mr Santosh Kondareddy(contact can be found in the comments in and he seems to be doing an approximate analysis based on the revenue maps, cdp 2015 and dishaank. There seems to be a bit of approximations especially for villages where provided revenue maps are pdf files instead of GIS maps that can be opened with google earth.

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