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Tahsildar Notice and Writ Petition by Land Owner - Prestige WaterFord

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Manish M
Manish M

For the propery Prestige WaterFord by builder Prestige, Tahsildar has issued notice dated 03/02/2020, bearing No.N.C.R/CR/23/2019-20, stating that owners are concocted the documents.

Against this, W.P. No. 4744/2020- is filed by the Land owner before High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore, vide W.P.No.4744/2020 dated 25/02/2020 seeking to issue a writ of Certiorari & quash the notice issued.

For this point- Builder is saying - The Tahasildar has only issued the notice there is no order passed in the said notice, The quash of the notice is sought by us. In any worst scenario also the customer is indemnified by us.

Want to know, if it is safe to invest in such kind of property.

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