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Parents Property Inheritence

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One of my friend's parent passed away while living with a person, can he get his parents stuff legally ? Asked for and was refused. What if the father died and mother is still alive? Its the father who makes the will? Am I right with that?. Can the mother also has the right to make the will? kindly let me know regarding the same.

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if both the father and mother died, all sons and daughters will get the properties equally. if only child, after death of father and mother, he will get solely. if eith the husband or wife(father or mother dies) then the living spouse will get the property in his/her name alongwith the children. on the death of the father, mother can make a WILL of the property

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when one parent dies without will the property will be divided according to the laws applicable to the religion to which the paties belong.

whoever owns a property can write will regarding the property.

which ever community they belong if there is no will children are entitled to a sheare.

yor friend has a fair chance to get a portion of his deceased parent's property

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