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Can an Indian police constable ask me to come to the police station?

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What should i do if a constable policeman tells me to come to the station on the way? should I go if a just constable call me to the police station? (at night 8 pm i was talking on the bike with my girlfriend on the road side, the two constables came throw questions .they takes a photo his phone we both. And ask house ours cell number for inform to the relation, we are not give number and they questions again.. at last was only after questions they realized i had drink a little beer. Then they asked me to come to the station and grabbed my bike. They demanded all of my license.). does an constable have the right to question me like this and take me to the police station? if so who in power and what should I do

What is their authority in this matter? Do they have the right to take a photo and take me station?

Are they legally entitled to every point I mentioned here?Many lawyers say yes and no..different opinions, its confuse. Which is the correct answer?

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