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sale deed executed and vendor saying original link document is missing

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S N Raju
S N Raju

We purchased a independent house 100 sq yards south part through transfer of home loan. The documents link is 1. GPA holder to A1 200 Sq yards 2. A1 divided 200 sq yards plot in to 100 South and 100 north parts and build houses and sold to X1 and X2. 3. X1 sold to me. when we asked the vendor about original mother document of 200 sq yards S.No. 1, he said it is with other party. We requested him to show the proof and to provide the color Xerox and sale deed was executed and some payment was stopped. Now our vendor is saying it is lost. So we requested to cancellation the deal and vendor is not responding saying that it is 15 years old document and it is 200 sq yards plot document it is not necessary to provide to you. if we are planning legal action, plz help me in this regard.

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