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Noc not received --Car Loan closed with full payment -- Loan No- 50081760- chanchal kumar

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Sir very good morning .

It is rhe matter of 3 parties .

1.) Me Gaurav ( doing car sale purchase business on commission basis and mediator between seller and buyer )

2.) Vipin sharma(registered owner of dzire car)

3.) Spinny cars ( buyer of second hand cars)

Now story is that there was a loan outstanding on dzire car of vipin sharma which he was not paying since 2 years ,After that on the basis of megistrate orders bank has recovered that dzire car from.vipin sharmas house and the same was in the custody of hdfc bank in feb 2020.

Now vipin sharma approached me and asked me that he want to sell his car dzire then i give him 2.90 lacs of value on which i deal .

Then he told me complete storey and after that he connect me with bank collection officer sitting at moti nagar delhi where he askwd him to pay complete paymwnt of 1.30 lacs on car loan and 1.20 lacs on car and cash loan . Both loans of car .then i and vipin sharma visited the bank branch where bank employee sandeep has given us 2 loan closure letters and asked us to visit nearet branch for payment .Then branch has taken my cheques of 2.50 lacs and asked us that noc willl be dispatched within 7-10 days .

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