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PIL filing rules

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Rajesh sharma
Rajesh sharma

Dear sir, I had recently filed SLP in supreme court against impugned order given by Bombay High Court on my PIL. The PIL was filed to pass order for Election Commission of India to implement the suggestions given by me to ECI. On the day of hearing, Hon. Supreme Court jude told us that your SLP has merits but there are some loopholes in the representation made to Election Commission of India. Hon. SC judge asked us to withraw the SLP and make fresh and modified representation to ECI. Now, my question is that what if ECI does not accept the modified sugestions too. I read that one can not file PIL on the same subject again in supreme court. In my case, can I file PIL in supreme court or any of the high court, if ECI does not accept my sugestions? Please note that the Hon. Supreme Court's judgement only says that, "The learned counsel for the petitioner seeks leave to withdraw this Special Leave Petition. The Special Leave Petition is, accordingly, dismissed as withdrawn". The Hon. judge has not mentioned that he has suggested us to withdraw the SLP. Please answer my question if I can file PIL on this topic in future with modified prayers.

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