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Friend absconded by taking money from me

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sagarika bhattacharya
sagarika bhattacharya

My friend asked for a loan of 6 lakhs from me because he was in urgent need as he wanted to start some business. I loaned him the money by taking a loan from the bank. Now he is absconding and denying me the refund. What law can act on such a scenario?

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In this case you can file civil and criminal proceedings simultaneously.

You can file civil suit for recovery and criminal complaint of cheating against him

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Please consult me personally for your case and I can help you with the same. The fee of consultation/drafting etc shall be dealt later on. I shall need all inputs from you and thereafter we can proceed. Consult me if you need any legal assistance and I can help you with the same. Thanks Adv. Munish Goyal

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