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Opening amenities for activity classes

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Aadesh Mistry
Aadesh Mistry

It's been six months that our society is formed. Considering summers, we plan to open our clubhouse for activities for residents by appoinint external/internal trainers.

My question is:

1) Can a committee take a descision on its own to have these facilities open for residents only by hiring an external trainer or does it require a resolution to be passed in an AGM prior to starting the activity classes.

2) Incase if the resolution is not passed in the AGM, what is the way forward?

3) Can an extraordinary general body meeting be called to address this isssue.

4) One of our committee member is also a certified swimming trainer and intend to start a swimming class for residents in our society by charging a fee. Is there a conflict of interest involved in this case.



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Please consult me personally for your case and I can help you with the same. The fee of consultation/drafting etc shall be dealt later on. I shall need all inputs from you and thereafter we can proceed. Consult me if you need any legal assistance and I can help you with the same. Thanks Adv. Munish Goyal

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