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RTC of my property to be done in my name

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  • Bhuvaneshwari.Ravisha DLF HOMES- BLR
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Bhuvaneshwari.Ravisha DLF HOMES- BLR
Bhuvaneshwari.Ravisha DLF HOMES- BLR

Have my husband property in Coorg (Thithimathi) . Our family had done the partion on registered deed. All my relatives have got the RTC in their name only mine is pending. My husband is no more. The deed is in his name. I need the records to be transferred in mine and children name who are major now. I consulted the revenue department but don't not get through. And approached the AC court and understood that tashildar has rejected due to document takararu. .now I have submitted all the required documents to obtain RTC for my survey number. My question is once the AC passes an order for getting the RTC in my name. Can the revenue or tashildar reject my papers again. I realize that there could be an encroachment of my land. What needs to be done or what is the procedure or the next process

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Dear madam,

Let me ask you something:

1. When did your husband died?

2. In the date of his death, your children were minor or not?

3. Whether you have acquired the HEIRSHIP certificate and all the assets of your husband has been transferred in his LRs name?

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