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Sir/Madam. I am master degree holder by academics. Setting up Sericulture Seeding farm (Breading ) at Mysore. This requires highest care on hygine & radiation free environment. We have beautiful eco system around us. I have spent money to retain trees around my place & I am educating other farmers on saving trees doing drip irrigation and to save ground water. My neighbour apparantly my own relative as well is heading to set up a mobile tower which will have implication on eco system as well on the breeding quality of cucoon. This impact is not a individual impact, if the breeding worm gets affected by radiation all the eggs taken by other farmers will also get impacted. How to stop the installation of mobile tower to save eco system as well the future of farming. Please help.

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Make a representation to the authorities raising objections and seeking for cancel the license mentioning about the impact or propose an alternative plan to shift the base of the placement of tower. If there is no response, approach the civil court immediately seeking for injunction.

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