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Issuing of hall ticket.

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Harsh Dariyabadi
Harsh Dariyabadi

I wasn’t able to pay my exam fees in the college in my 3rd semester so I had to go to Bangalore University to pay it. I cleared it on the due date but the university didn’t send my hall ticket to the college. I contacted the sir which helped me with getting my examination fees thing done in university but to no avail. I thought I’ll clear the 3rd sem exams in the 5th sem. At the end of my 4th sem I went to pay my examination fee but I was told that my hall ticket wasn’t sent in the 3rd sem so I’m not eligible to pay the exam fees for 4th sem and that I have to take re-admission in 3rd sem. I went to the university to seek for help but I didn’t get any. They were pretty rude and instead of hearing and helping me out they insisted on taking re-admission in 3rd sem cos that was the rule.

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