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Taxation & GST about e-commerce company ?

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Dhananjay M
Dhananjay M

I want to start an a online e-commerce company, in that iam not going to sell any products directly, sellers will login to website they will sell their products to customers, we are just offering a service / communication between seller & customer ( same like amazon, flip cart, snap deal ) we will take 20% commission on every products.

Now i have these questions

1) Is GST is mandatory for me ?

Because lot of the people told me you are not eligible for GST because you are not selling your product you are just offering service, seller will pay GST for products you will get service tax 18% when your income ( commissions ) are above 20 lakhs then you can get GST number.

2) If i don't need GST number ?

If i dont take GST number how can i open company current account in bank ?

Is it possible to open the current account without GST number ?

If i dont have a GST number how can seller submit his records to government ( his GST & my GST sholud tally know ) how he will show product & income records to government.

Please iam confusing with this questions can any one help me out this

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