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How to correct Date of birth and place of birth in SSLC book, Passport and Marriage certificate

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Date of birth and place of birth in my SSLC(Kerala) book and passport and date of birth in my marriage certificate is different than my date of birth certificate. My SSLC certificate is issued in 1995, the passport is reissued in 2014(first issued in 2004) and the marriage certificate issued in 2009. Currently, I am working in gulf country and would like to migrate to another country. I would like to know the procedure and time frame to do the corrections in SSLC book, passport and marriage certificate. Also, I would like to know is there any agency who can help me to get all these done as I am living outside the country.

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Hello sir,

Sorry for the belated delay to reply.

You have to swear an affidavit before any Judicial Magistrate for the correction in SSLC Certificate. After that paper publication have to be done. Almost 45-60 days should be needed for it.

After that only, the passport and any other thing can be corrected.

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