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Payment of Gratuity Act

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  • Nagaraj Tirumani
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Nagaraj Tirumani
Nagaraj Tirumani

I received Rs.350000/- as gratuity from S B I on 07-05-2007. Amount eligible under section 4(2)

is Rs.503012/-. Balance not paid Rs.153012/-. After amendment of section 4(3) ceiling was enhanced

to Rs.10 lakhs. I asked for balance amount after amendment on 24-05-2010. SBI refused to pay the balance.

I filed petition in Permanent Lok Adalath on this issue in Bangalore. PLA No,02/2014 d.13-08-2014.

But on 12-07-2016 Lok Adalath rejected my case. Reason: Gratuity issue to be filed in labour court.

On 14-11-2017 I filed my case with Chief Labour Commissioner Bangalore. But they rejected my

petition on 14-11-2017. Reason: No cause of action. I intend to file Public Interest Litigation in

High Court Bangalore. Will I succeed? There is cause of action. Kindly respond.

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This is not a case of Public Interest Litigation. You need to approach the concerned Labour Court. As you have already filed, you can appeal considering the merits and limitation.

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