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Same-scale Recruitment

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Rishi Roy
Rishi Roy

WEST BENGAL SCHOOL SERVICE COMMISSION( briefly WBSSC) has published an advertisement for recruitment of GRADUATE AND POST-GRADUATE SCALE teachers.

WBSSC give the opportunity to the Graduate in-service teachers to apply in the higher catagory Post-Graduate teacher scale.But none of the Post-Graduate teacher can apply in Graduate-teacher scale,nor any Graduate- teacher can apply to the same Graduate-teacher scale.

Quary :

1. Is there any rule of SUPREME COURT/Other HIGH COURTS that--- 1.same catagory post cannot apply to the same post when he is in-service in that same post ?

2.higher catagory post cannot apply in the lower catagory post in the same service

(All the recruitments are direct recruitments,not deparnental/promotional recruitment)

Please provide some case details in brief.

We want to move to division bench of CALCUTTA HIGH COURT and if necessary to the SUPREME COURT.

Please Help

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plz approach high court as per service rules.

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