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Breach of privacy

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My wife was having an adulterous affair with a person , to get evidence of adultery I downloaded a spy software on her phone and recorded her conversations in which they are admitting to having physical relations . I have filled for divorce on grounds of adultery and have submitted the call recordings in court along with the transcripts. She is currently living in adultery with the person and has filled a complaint with the cyber crime branch police and women cell police stating that I have violated her privacy by recording her calls without her consent and this evidence is not admissible in court. The police called me to police station and questioned me regarding the same and stated that under section 43 of IT act it is an offense and they will file a FIR , they seem to be acting under political pressure from the accused side.

To prove adultery one hires a detective to gather evidence in form of telephone call recordings , photographs and video recordings in compromising position with the accused all this will be done without the consent of my wife . I want to know whether the evidence I gather will be admissible in court and I will not be prosecuted for breach of privacy and police will not arrest me


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