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Bank Bond deposit at interest

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Legal aspect

In 1990 I bought from a Greek Bank a Bond deposit at interest and I paid in cash the sum of 53.500.00 USD .

I put this Bond as collateral to a British Bank and I got a loan multiple value from a Hong Kong Bank for repayment after 20 years.

In 2013 I went to the Bank where I bought the Bond, I presented it and asked for payment in full with interest.

Bank send me a letter days later saying that the Bond has been paid in full to someone but they don’t know who got the money of the Bond.

Greek Lawyers advised me not to set a sue against Bank/s, as they are Institutions and have big power.

To get some of my money, I have to arrive at a compromise, otherwise my money is lost.

I have tried to arrive at a compromise with Bank but failed.

Can you tell me please your Legal aspect?

Thanks in advance,

Spyros Grammenos

Athens, Greece

5 years agoReport


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