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Land ownership issue

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Junaid Akhter
Junaid Akhter


My father purchased a land of 2000 meters in 1985. While registering the land, he also included his 3 brothers name in that property.

Now all 3 brothers are asking his shares and ownerships so that they can sell it.

However the fact remains that all 3 brothers did not put single penny but claiming now bcoz of their names. The registered sale deed is still with us.

Please guide us to resolve it amicably and can be transferred or make the entire land ownership to my father only.

Thanks again

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It is very difficult. But Court can issue injunction from selling the property. Your father has to file a suit for declaration and seek injunction restraining your uncles selling the same.

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Your uncles are also joint owners of the property. Absence or adequacy of consideration does not matter inasnuch as it is presumed by virtue of inclusion of their names in the Deed

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It is very difficult to prove that your father has paid the consideration amount and his brothers did not pay anything. If you can provide further details, we can assess the matter and provide you a solution.

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