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Failing to pay Installment

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Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh

Failed to pay my installment and CreditCard dues for past 1 year coz of medical emergency resulting in jobloss, what legal remifications could I face from bank and what should I do?

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It is not clear whether he secured any job now and in a position to repay the instalments, if so, there are many ways to mitigate and liquidate the outstanding liabilities. He should meet the concerned official and explain the position seeking inter alia,

rescheduling of repayment to suit his cobdition

reduc tion of instalment amount

reduction of interest rate

standby facility like overdraft loan etc as credit card dues attract exhorbitant interest rate

etc etc

in bonafide cases even the credit score may also not affect.

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If it is a bonafide case, we can find a best possible solution.

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Dear Mr. Abhishek Singh

Your question is not clear. However since it is credit card dues there may be some harassment from bank recovery agents for clearing the dues.

Since you have withdrawn cash or utilized card for purchases you have to pay as per agreed terms. However you can seek concession from paying penal interest and other hidden charges which the banker ( especially new generation banks ) charge without any hesitation.

Make petition before Banking Ombudsman, situated at RBI Office of your state and plead your case with detailed statements from the bank. Banking ombudsman prevail upon banker to drop the penal interest and other hidden charges. May also give some installment facilities.

All the best,

M M SHETTY - 9448085404

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