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Amith Kumar
Amith Kumar

I need some advise on declaring personal bankruptcy as I am going through very bad financial phase and unable to pay off my debts.

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If you are unable pay the debts, file insolvency petition before the competent court declaring your assets.

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If your assets are not sufficient to pay off your debts in Toto , you can file insolvency petition before the competent court . For further help , please feel free to contact 8801375982

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Dear Mr. Amith Kumar,

Please note that an individual can file an insolvency petition if he/she is unable to pay his/her debts and needs protection from creditors. You have to declare your both assets and liabilities while filing the insolvency petition before jurisdictional court.

Please note that once you are declared as insolvent person by any competent court ,

you will become an incompetent person in the eye of law.


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Otherwise u can also file a petition to declare u as an indegent person b4 Executive masgistrate (RDO).

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